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Want to save some money on your Pinemeadow clubs?  You might not have known this but in our effort to bring you great deals on golf clubs and accessories, we will often discount specific items on our site for a limited time. We've made these special items on our site, and since you're saving even more money on them we call them your "Savings on the Green" items.  Keep your eye out for the savings on the green banner (like the one below) on product pages, or you can find a list of the current deals here.  Have fun saving money!

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What is “Bounce” in Golf?

Bounce or 'bounce angle' is defined as the angle the sole of your wedge creates when compared to the ground. Bounce is a specification usually only referred to when describing wedges. We list the bounce for all of our wedges in the technical specifications box on our individual product pages.

Okay, so what bounce on a wedge is suited best for me?

This may sound slightly confusing, but grab a club and put in the address position and you will see the space between the ground and the leading edge of the wedge. It is a minimal space, but the bounce angle determines how much space there is.

Wedges with very little bounce or a smaller bounce angle are usually designed for approach shots from short grass and tight lies.  The smaller angle allows you to get under the ball easier.  It is common for sand wedges to have the highest degree of bounce, so the wedge does not dig into the sand but it glides through while displacing the sand.

Bounce can play a large part in the performance of the wedge, and is usually based on a golfer's needs and personal preference. To help you determine what wedge is best for you, decide on what degree of bounce will fit your game and course that you are regularly playing.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.  We are always here to help.

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2011 PGA Show

Well the PGA Show is behind so what did we learn? While black finishes were hot in previous years, there is now a movement for white finishes on clubs. For those of you that have never attended, the PGA Golf Show in Orlando is an all-encompassing affair.

Imagine the show floor being one big square…

Traditionally (for the last 20 years or so), on the left of the square are all of the club manufactures, in the middle you have accessories and “stuff” and on the right side of the box you have apparel. Well not this year! This year on the left side of the show, you had the manufactures, as usual anchored with Callaway, outfitted in all black! They had black carpet, a huge black drape around all of the booth, with a really cool black Lamborghini in the center on a stage of all black.

Now, to the far right of the show, normally reserved for apparel, we had Taylor Made, decked out in all white! They took up a huge foot print, way bigger than Callaway with a booth that was totally white.  There were more white R11s, Ghost putters, white walls and white stuff than you can shake a white shaft at.

So what did we learn? Well, we confirmed that the big manufactures always try and be different; hence this year the PGA Show could have been called the “Black and White” show. The traffic at the show was up and everyone was making the walk back and fourth between Callaway and Taylor Made comparing new models and new hot colors. It’s going to be a fun 2011 season.

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We’re Back

Everyone at Pinemeadow is happy to announce the re-launch of the "Pinemeadow Golf Blog”.

Our focus of the blog is a creative way of providing you with valuable information about golf and an insider’s look at what it is like to work in the golf industry. You’ll find information on clubs, the tour, tips, what’s going on here at the office, interactions with customers and we might even throw in a review about our favorite movie. We want to make a connection with our customers unlike any golf company in the industry.

We hope you decide you enjoy the ride and follow us via your preferred method of contact via the Web. We would love to have you.

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