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What is “Bounce” in Golf?

Bounce or 'bounce angle' is defined as the angle the sole of your wedge creates when compared to the ground. Bounce is a specification usually only referred to when describing wedges. We list the bounce for all of our wedges in the technical specifications box on our individual product pages.

Okay, so what bounce on a wedge is suited best for me?

This may sound slightly confusing, but grab a club and put in the address position and you will see the space between the ground and the leading edge of the wedge. It is a minimal space, but the bounce angle determines how much space there is.

Wedges with very little bounce or a smaller bounce angle are usually designed for approach shots from short grass and tight lies.  The smaller angle allows you to get under the ball easier.  It is common for sand wedges to have the highest degree of bounce, so the wedge does not dig into the sand but it glides through while displacing the sand.

Bounce can play a large part in the performance of the wedge, and is usually based on a golfer's needs and personal preference. To help you determine what wedge is best for you, decide on what degree of bounce will fit your game and course that you are regularly playing.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.  We are always here to help.

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