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Oversize vs. Regular Wedges

It can be argued that wedges are the second most important clubs in your bag. They are used so often in a round they can really make a difference in the improvement of your game. Some players will carry up to five wedges, but it is more common for players to only have one to three depending on what suits their game. An assortment of wedges can be used for every type of shot and lie.

With so many things to consider when purchasing the right wedge, it is important to choose the wedge that is going to work for your particular game. When wedges were originally made, they were designed with regular sized club heads, but golf technologies and the game have changed so much that oversize wedges are being made available to go along with the standard, regular sized, wedges. Carrying an assortment of wedge types and lofts is a new concept that is gaining momentum.

With this is mind, it is important to decide what type wedge head size suits your game. Having an oversize versus a regular wedge head is not necessarily better, and vice versa. Here are some things to take into consideration when you are making your decision.

The advantages of an oversize wedge:

Added face height, larger sweet spot, increased forgiveness

If you have problems getting under the ball on shots out of the rough or in the deep sand, the additional face height will improve ball launch without having to dig deep. The extra face height helps to ensure contact.

Most oversize wedges also have a larger sole than usual. The design concept of the wide sole is to have a lower center of gravity (LCG) making it easier to get the ball in the air. The LCG helps reduce topping the ball.

Of course, with a larger club face comes a larger sweet spot. The bigger the sweet spot, the more forgiving the wedge will be on miss hits. That can be an advantage on any type of shot. A larger sweet spot will give you assurance that you are going to make good contact on every shot. Basically, a larger sweet spot results in increased forgiveness.

The disadvantages of an oversize wedge and why some people prefer to have a traditional/regular wedge:

Harder to shape certain shots and wedge doesn't get caught while approaching impact

Traditional size wedges give you more control. You do lose a little forgiveness and size of the sweet spot but you have the capability of shaping your shot. To hit a regular sized wedge, you should be at the point in your game where you are confident in sacrificing some forgiveness to gain control. Another disadvantage of an oversize wedge is that it can get caught up in the grass and sand a little easier and result in less distance. Since the club head is bigger, the bottom of the head has more of a chance to grab the grass or sand during your swing.

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