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White Drivers and Putters

Players like Ian Poulter have made the color white not only trendy in their wardrobes but golf club makers have put their stamp of approval behind it and are pursuing more and more clubs with the white finish.

It’s no secret that tour pros will mix and match their equipment to find the winning combination. As more pros change out their old drivers and putters to play the new white finish drivers and putters, golfers of all skill levels are looking for the similar look and feel in their equipment.

Aside from being the brilliant marketing genius of many the top manufacturers like Cobra and TaylorMade, the white color does a couple of things visually.

  • One, it does help contrast and focus the club against the background of the green fairway (or maybe the rough in some cases). This will help you set up the club and improve accuracy. White putters are where you are going to see the most improve because the white finish of the putter sets up putts nicely and allow you to not lose sight of your target line.
  • Secondly, the white finish is unique and stands out in the bag. It will also visually not feel like you're swinging and huge oversized 460 head. Now you can have the confidence to pull the driver from the bag and rip it off of the tee.

Trends come and go and you may be asking yourself if the finish will no question you may feel that the white finish does nothing to help your game but consider that manufacturers like us want to make our best products stand out. And we when focus on making the best products stand out in white, you will see that performance shine through to your game. That makes it more than just a finish, but the superior technology behind the finish is what makes the difference.

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