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Pinemeadow Places to Play: Furry Creek

This Week's Course: Furry Creek

Furry Creek is one of the most interesting and scenic golf courses in British Columbia, Canada. It is located about 30 minutes outside of Vancouver and some of you may have noticed it on your drive to Whistler. Some parts of the movie Happy Gilmore were even filmed there where he tackles Bob Barker down the hill.

The experience is an amazing drive up to the clubhouse and features a very intimidating 1st hole. The drop is massive and you want to hit a 4 or 5 iron off the tee to keep it from sailing past the green. The second extremely memorable hole is the par 3 #14 that goes right in to the sound and is a breath taking shot. If you are in the greater Vancouver B.C. area you will want to make an extra trip out to the Howe Sound check out this great Robert Muir Graves course.

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Furry Creek #1 Tee

Tee Box #1

Furry Creek

Green in Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker Scene

Signature Hole - #14

Furry Creek Golf & Country Club
150 Country Club Road
Furry Creek, BC V0N 3Z2, Canada
Although the course is called Furry Creek Golf and Country Club the course is open to the public.

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