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Would You Pay $15 to Improve Your Golf Game?

Most of us would agree that the investment would be worth it. Tour Sticks hit the market last year and were featured and this year's PGA Show. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular trainings aids for professional and amateur golfers. The nice thing about this new training aid is the cost, easy to use, can be packed with you to and from your practice area.

Alignment in your golf swing can correct a lot of the directional issues with your golf shot. On top of that, there is great improvement in your confidence and you'll see once you start using them on a regular basis.

Here is some more information on the Tour Sticks.

Click here to download an article Golf Week did on the Tour Sticks found on

Tour Sticks can be found on our site for $14.95. You can also find all the information about the drills you can do with the tool on our website.

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Golf’s Second Major is Here

The 2011 U.S. Open starting tomorrow is being played at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland. We are excited to watch the live coverage from our desktops. Shh....don't tell Nathan (our IT manager and he reminds us a couple of times of year that we're slowing down our bandwidth while we enjoy golf and hoops via the web).

One of the reasons why golf fans enjoy watching this major is typically the winning score is around even par unlike the other 3 Majors or even PGA Tour events. A player must be long when teeing it up at an Open venue and extremely accurate. Of course a stealth short game is a must to give yourself a chance to be in the hunt on Sunday afternoon.

This championship is our country's "open" championship which means it is open to any professional and amateur with a USGA handicap index of 1.4 or lower. Now this might weed out 99% of the golfing population in our country, but it still leaves hope for talented college players and career amateurs who have serious game. Some of the top amateurs in this year's field to keep your eye on include:

  • Chris Williams - from Moscow, ID and goes to school at UW.
  • Steve Irwin - Hal's son. Playing in his first U.S. Open
  • Beau Hossler - 16 years old. Wow!
  • And others such as Russell Henley, David Chung, Patrick Cantlay, Brad Benjamin, and Michael Barbosa.

Office Pick: John Ellis, a good friend of an employee of Pinemeadow, qualified for his 2nd U.S. Open and will be competing for the U.S. Open trophy.

Click here to follow John and your favorite players.

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Shaq’s Next Move

Dear Shaq,

Thank you for your years of entertainment on and off the court. And congrats to you on an amazing career in the NBA! You've played over 1200 games in the league, were a rap artist and a movie star, and now it's time to retire and to relax. We feel that golf is your next move. A new beginning. We at Pinemeadow want you to know that no matter what specs you may need to be properly fit for clubs, we will make it happen. Yes, you are taller than our average golfer but we are confident we can fit you. I'm sure with more time on the course and the best fit golf equipment around, your game will improve tremendously in the upcoming years. We wish you the best and don't forget that we do have LSU grips for all your clubs.

Team Pinemeadow

Shaq wouldn't be the first seven footer we have fitted. Meet, Andrew....He is no Shaq on the basketball court but he does have something in common with one of the greatest centers of all time. Andrew can see eye-to- eye with Shaq being a 7-footer himself.

It was tough for Andrew to find clubs that would fit. He was searching for clubs long enough to fit him and that was how he came across our site. We can custom build a set to fit anyone no matter how tall you are and Andrew is no exception. Here were the specs for Andrews clubs.

Driver: Excel Strong Driver
3 Wood: Excel Strong 3 Wood
Irons: Excel Strong Irons
Length: Men's +as long as we can build them!
Flex: extra, extra, extra, EXTRA Stiff
Grips: Lamkin Oversize Grips (with extra wraps of tape)
Shaft: True Temper Ttlite Shafts

Thanks Andrew. Hope you are still enjoying your custom clubs.