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Why You Should Try a 64* Wedge

Today, many golfers carry four wedges in their bag with one of them being a 64° wedge. Due to the fact that layouts of golf courses are constantly improving and greens continuing to roll faster, players are required to have more loft on their wedges to stop the ball quickly on the green.

The wide sole on a 64° wedge will help you make good contact with the ball from tight lies on the course, such as from the fringe around the green but also from the rough and the bunker. A 64° wedge will also be helpful if you are faced with a flop shot over a bunker or playing at a golf course with quick and firm greens.

The advantage of a 64° wedge is that you will not need to adjust your technique to get the most out of the club, just swing as you normally would do and the loft will take care of itself. This will result in higher shots that stop quickly.

We are currently offering the following 64° wedges:

Pinemeadow Wedge

Pre Wedge

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The Benefits of a 3 Wood

A common problem among many golfers is using a driver with a loft that is too low for his or her swing, which tends to result in shots with a lower trajectory and an increased margin of error.

With lofts between 13 and 16 degrees, 3 woods are designed to increase the distance from the tee and from the fairway and are frequently used as a substitute for a driver by our customers.

Although most professional golfers used to favor the lower lofted drivers, which require more skill to hit than the drivers with a higher loft, today, many experienced golfers are switching to higher lofted drivers and 3 woods in order to increase distance and accuracy.

The longest drives are achieved by combining a higher launch angle with lower spin. The Doublewall 3 wood is an example of a 3 wood that eliminates low shots and minimal forgiveness since it has a loft of 15 degrees and, therefore, results in a higher launch angle. You will also find the club available in other lofts, suited to fit players looking for the perfect fit for their game.

  • The 15° is the standard loft and best for most players.
  • 14.5° loft is suited for better players that are looking for a lower trajectory. Better players will definitely noticed the half-degree difference.
  • The 16° is best for the higher launch some may need in a 3 wood.

You’ll find that everyone has a different need, however the 3 wood is a must carry club. Using the Doublewall 3 wood instead of a driver will result in more controlled tee shots, helping to lower scores.

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Getting the Right Custom Fit Golf Clubs for You

A good question that often comes up is how do I get the right club fit?

Lots of ways to get custom fit but let’s break it down. The 2 basic ways to get custom fit:

• Get your swing analyzed by a golf professional,
• Plug in your information online.

Swing analysis is great and being in the shop is very helpful to discover the best fit for you. A lot of our customers will go into the shop or course and get fitted and match them up to the specifications that were suggested. One thing to be aware of is the retailer may fit you for what they have ready to sell you. For example, if they don’t have a Senior flex M-1” off the shelf, they may recommend something they have in stock. Ask a lot of questions to ensure you get the right fitting when you getting it done by a custom fit professional.

Custom web fits online also have a couple of issues. One, a tech or professional can’t see your swing to really analyze a proper fit and two, the system will never be able to tell exactly what “feels right” to you. However, the custom fitting wizards online can give you a good recommendation of where to start or if you are unsure, what length and flex you probably should consider.

Keep in mind, some of these tools are useful, some are just noise. When you are looking for a good club that will work for you swing, what should you go with? Engineers and designers will disagree, but tech only gets you so far. If you’re like most players, you’d rather get out and play rather than sit in a studio and psychoanalyze a golf swing and find just the right torque and loft combination for a swing on dry days. Sometimes, too much analysis just brings more problems; especially for a mid or high-handicapper.

Here are the 2 most important factors we’ve found in club fitting!

  1. Length. This is the most important and least standardized. To give you an example, TaylorMade® has 6 different standard lengths for their drivers. That’s a different standard length for almost every driver they offer! Callaway offers 3 different standard lengths for their drivers. Ping and Pinemeadow, build drivers at one standard length (45” for Mens). The best guide to go by is your overall height and your wrist to floor (without shoes). Go by the standard length for that individual club. You can of course adjust this up or down but the recommendation will be based off of the standard length for that manufacturer or that club.
  2. Flex. Based on your swing speed, the flex is important because you want the give in the shaft to match your swing tempo. If your swing speed correctly matches the flex, you are going to optimize your distance. Shots go farther and straighter. If the shaft is too stiff, you will have a tendency to push or fade the ball. A shaft is too light, you will have a tendency to pull or draw the ball. Get the right shaft for your tempo. Just don’t allow your ego to misguide you from the right flex.

There’s a lot more on this topic to cover. And this is a topic we want to continue to cover. Check out this blog for more posts to come. And if all of this is just confusing and overwhelming… give us a call, we can sort it out. 1-800-309-6878

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MOI. What’s MOI in Golf?

When the term "Moment of Intertia" (MOI) is used in golf, it refers to a club head's resistance to twisting at impact.

All of us wish we could hit the ball exactly perfect, right on the sweet spot, every time we swing a golf club but, let's be honest with ourselves, that is not going to happen. When your shot is hit a little off-center you will either hit it more towards the toe or heel of the club head. A golf club with a higher MOI will twist less, with the result that it will go in the direction you were hoping for without losing distance

This term is being used more and more in golf. Golf drivers these days are being designed in all sorts of ways to maximize MOI.

Here are a few unique designs created to increase MOI which will result in better drives:

Command BK Tri-Port Driver - Triangular shape pushing the weight down and to the center. Think B2 Stealth Bomber.

Pinemeadow Excel Lightning Driver - Square head shaping the weight to the back and outsider perimeter. Driver is equipped for higher launch and more consistency.

Command W7 Driver - Maximum oversized 460cc classic design that keeps the weight low and back to stabilize the head. Good for creating more launch and longer drives.

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