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MOI. What’s MOI in Golf?

When the term "Moment of Intertia" (MOI) is used in golf, it refers to a club head's resistance to twisting at impact.

All of us wish we could hit the ball exactly perfect, right on the sweet spot, every time we swing a golf club but, let's be honest with ourselves, that is not going to happen. When your shot is hit a little off-center you will either hit it more towards the toe or heel of the club head. A golf club with a higher MOI will twist less, with the result that it will go in the direction you were hoping for without losing distance

This term is being used more and more in golf. Golf drivers these days are being designed in all sorts of ways to maximize MOI.

Here are a few unique designs created to increase MOI which will result in better drives:

Command BK Tri-Port Driver - Triangular shape pushing the weight down and to the center. Think B2 Stealth Bomber.

Pinemeadow Excel Lightning Driver - Square head shaping the weight to the back and outsider perimeter. Driver is equipped for higher launch and more consistency.

Command W7 Driver - Maximum oversized 460cc classic design that keeps the weight low and back to stabilize the head. Good for creating more launch and longer drives.

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