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The Benefits of a 3 Wood

A common problem among many golfers is using a driver with a loft that is too low for his or her swing, which tends to result in shots with a lower trajectory and an increased margin of error.

With lofts between 13 and 16 degrees, 3 woods are designed to increase the distance from the tee and from the fairway and are frequently used as a substitute for a driver by our customers.

Although most professional golfers used to favor the lower lofted drivers, which require more skill to hit than the drivers with a higher loft, today, many experienced golfers are switching to higher lofted drivers and 3 woods in order to increase distance and accuracy.

The longest drives are achieved by combining a higher launch angle with lower spin. The Doublewall 3 wood is an example of a 3 wood that eliminates low shots and minimal forgiveness since it has a loft of 15 degrees and, therefore, results in a higher launch angle. You will also find the club available in other lofts, suited to fit players looking for the perfect fit for their game.

  • The 15° is the standard loft and best for most players.
  • 14.5° loft is suited for better players that are looking for a lower trajectory. Better players will definitely noticed the half-degree difference.
  • The 16° is best for the higher launch some may need in a 3 wood.

You’ll find that everyone has a different need, however the 3 wood is a must carry club. Using the Doublewall 3 wood instead of a driver will result in more controlled tee shots, helping to lower scores.

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