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Why You Should Try a 64* Wedge

Today, many golfers carry four wedges in their bag with one of them being a 64° wedge. Due to the fact that layouts of golf courses are constantly improving and greens continuing to roll faster, players are required to have more loft on their wedges to stop the ball quickly on the green.

The wide sole on a 64° wedge will help you make good contact with the ball from tight lies on the course, such as from the fringe around the green but also from the rough and the bunker. A 64° wedge will also be helpful if you are faced with a flop shot over a bunker or playing at a golf course with quick and firm greens.

The advantage of a 64° wedge is that you will not need to adjust your technique to get the most out of the club, just swing as you normally would do and the loft will take care of itself. This will result in higher shots that stop quickly.

We are currently offering the following 64° wedges:

Pinemeadow Wedge

Pre Wedge

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