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Technology is great! What about my score?

Is it just me or has the distance changed on all the clubs?! The loft is the same and the numbering system has remained constant. But I see players hitting the 3 iron hybrids 240 yards and I am in shock at the overall distance that people get. I used to hit a 7 iron 145-150 yards straight on (well most of the time). Now it seems when I get a hold of a newer 8 or 9 iron, I'm sailing it way past the old marks. Great right? Well, for the most part.

I guess you could say that all the new technologies combined have given a golfer like me the total advantage with my distances. Ball technology, shaft technology, and of course, the club head designs themselves provide the extra advantage that just wasn't out there 10 years ago. Better technology doesn't guarantee a better game, but I can say that it has added length to my game. Length that should lower scores but there is this little thing called putting that I can't seem to get it right no matter how well my 7 iron did to get me there!! I guess the long game is getting longer but my short game hasn't gotten shorter! The technology is there, my game is just a little behind.

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Lot List Sale Entire Month of September

As promised we are continuously adding items to the Certified Pre-Owned Golf Club sale (save 50%) during the entire month of September.

It doesn't surprise us that this is one of the most popular sales of the year because a lot of people are getting great deals on pre-owned clubs at a fraction of the regular price.


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