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Questions covered during our show:
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:16 - Hi, i have a beautiful set of PING irons S-59's however, i cannot swing a stiff flex anymore steel or graphite...(arthritis in both shoulders) but i still love to golf.
i cannot afford even the cheapest graphite shaft PING offers, i was told i need a graphite R-flex, mid kick, low torque, .335-.350 tapered, can you HELP as the new season is almost upon us. thanks for your time -Nelson

:23 - What do you think about the "cut out" slots in the new Adam 2014 Pro Hybrid ?

:26 - when will the BK irons be offered left handed again?

:31 - Have you ever considered offering some sort of pinemeadow trial program? like pay $X and receive Y amount of different test irons from different sets?

:36 - as a custom option, do you offer any adjustments to loft and lie?

:38 - What length of shaft would you recommend for a driver used by a 5'3" lady? -Janice

:43 - I use the Medic irons you guys made many years ago, why don’t you copy more Nike?

:47 - Im looking to order a pinemeadow driver. I found one on amazon. It is the command w7x driver. I cant seem to find it on the website or on google. I am 19 years old and an average golf player. Will this club suit me ? Please find the link to the club on amazon. I will be ordering a putter and sw from you soon. What can you tell me about the command w7x driver - Chris

:50 - Can someone come in to your facility and try different clubs and/or get an in-person fitting?

:51 - In your opinions, how much will a ball really help your game? Will a guy who is shooting 87-93 on avg be helped by spending $50 on balls vs the $19.99 balls you find on special?

:55 - Which one of your drivers has the best sound at impact? Which characteristics of the driver influence the sound at impact.


Previous Episode – Pinemeadow Live

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


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Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream