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Questions covered during our show:
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:04 - I'm interested in buying a 33 in putter. What do I do to order that? By that I mean how much shorter is a 33 in putter than a standard putter so I can choose that in the length option menu.

:06 - Would like a heavier putter....what do you recommend?

:15 - Have you guys ever thought about incorporating the idea of a speed slot/ pocket being used by Taylormade in the SLDR, Speedbladez, rocketbladez, Adams Idea irons, etc. ? Supposedly it increases ball

:22 - so bradley is out of the long quickly will others follow

:26 Vhan Dhe: I am interested to buy all off-set anti slice irons similar to F2 irons is it available in your company?

:32 Ed: What are the head dimensions of the new Site 2 putter ? ( length x width x height )

:34 Tim: What is the balance on the SiTE 1 Putter like? Is it face-balanced, slight toe hang, or full toe hang?

:36 - Face balance verses toe balanced......why does it matter?

:38 - I bought a set of ZR1 MKII irons....was surprised there appeared to a fair amount of off set

:39 Troy: Do you carry any offset drivers?

:43 - what are the pre irons based off of? i am really enamored with its looks after checking out the pictures

:44 - do the series name represent certain brands? like excel= taylormade, zr1= ping,?

:48 - As you indicate a ZR 1 is similar to you do any actual testing of performance....

:50 - Who's shafts do PING use?

:53 - how can I add an upgrade purchase on my cart?

:56 Roy: Can the PGX SS400 Long Putter be customized with a shorter shaft around 40 inches? I am taller (6'4") and do not want to anchor the putter but would like to use a more upright stance with a claw grip. If it can be shortened, will that affect it's balance, etc? Will it be too heavy to use with a regular putting style? If it can be customized, how do I order it?