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If you haven't noticed we've started doing video product reviews on All the videos are done in house by our club designers and video production team.

We think these videos will be very helpful to everyone and give you details about the clubs that can't be communicate in an image or product description.

To see all the videos you can visit our channel on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel you'll be in the loop when new videos come out.

Please leave us feedback on our videos and what videos we should do next.

Stay Tuned!


Mill City Camouflage: The Inside Story

Recently, we introduced a new camouflage golf bag featuring a proprietary pattern (Mill City) of our own creation. We thought you might like to hear the story of that pattern, so here is an interview with Aaron, the man behind it.

What was your process for creating this new camouflage pattern?

The first thing I had to do was figure out the applications and uses for the pattern and what style we wanted to go for. Once I had that, I took a field trip to find various elements that would be appropriate for that style of camouflage. I photographed both in the field as well as in our studio to get lots of different pieces to fit together for a final composition. After photographing, the pieces had to be cut-out and edited so that they matched as a whole. I ended up with about 15 different leaves, 3 different fir branches, and a few wide shots as options for backgrounds.

The important part of a pattern is making it repeatable or “tile-able” so that one edges flow into each other. I started with the background in Adobe Photoshop and edited the image so that each edge blended into the other. Then I began placing elements like tree limbs and trunks in a fairly balanced composition so no one part draws your eye away from another. Adding the leaves and fir branches was next, along with deciding on the color and balance of spacing. Finally I added all of the effects to add shadows, depth and realism to the pattern while still keeping it stylized. After slicing the image up and repeating parts along the edges, I managed to put together a tile-able pattern that could be printed on the material of our choice.

What was the hardest part of the process?

The hardest part was near the end of the design process since the swatch of fabric was going to be 29” x 19” at 300 pixels per inch. That gives you a file 8700 x 5800 pixels with hundreds of layers adding up to a file that was nearly 2 gigabytes in size. Needless to say, just saving this massive file was a test of patience. My computer was not happy with me.

What was the most fun part of the process?

The most fun came from designing my own custom brush that I used to paint tree branches by hand and add in effects that made them look more three-dimensional. It's almost magic to draw a line and have it grow into a branch, covered in bark complete with lighting already cast on it.



Shaq’s Next Move

Dear Shaq,

Thank you for your years of entertainment on and off the court. And congrats to you on an amazing career in the NBA! You've played over 1200 games in the league, were a rap artist and a movie star, and now it's time to retire and to relax. We feel that golf is your next move. A new beginning. We at Pinemeadow want you to know that no matter what specs you may need to be properly fit for clubs, we will make it happen. Yes, you are taller than our average golfer but we are confident we can fit you. I'm sure with more time on the course and the best fit golf equipment around, your game will improve tremendously in the upcoming years. We wish you the best and don't forget that we do have LSU grips for all your clubs.

Team Pinemeadow

Shaq wouldn't be the first seven footer we have fitted. Meet, Andrew....He is no Shaq on the basketball court but he does have something in common with one of the greatest centers of all time. Andrew can see eye-to- eye with Shaq being a 7-footer himself.

It was tough for Andrew to find clubs that would fit. He was searching for clubs long enough to fit him and that was how he came across our site. We can custom build a set to fit anyone no matter how tall you are and Andrew is no exception. Here were the specs for Andrews clubs.

Driver: Excel Strong Driver
3 Wood: Excel Strong 3 Wood
Irons: Excel Strong Irons
Length: Men's +as long as we can build them!
Flex: extra, extra, extra, EXTRA Stiff
Grips: Lamkin Oversize Grips (with extra wraps of tape)
Shaft: True Temper Ttlite Shafts

Thanks Andrew. Hope you are still enjoying your custom clubs.


New Look and More Updates to Come

We're always looking to improve your shopping experience at To that end we often make adjustments to the design and function of our site. One of the biggest changes we've made recently is to widen the site, giving it a more open feeling. As an added bonus, it allows us to bring you larger product images which we have already started using.

Our goal is to also offer click-able images that will provide larger image of all our products. You find this feature on other sites. Stay tuned.

We have many ideas for upcoming changes which we hope you will enjoy as well. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.


The Art of Golf Club Building with Pinemeadow

Pinemeadow Golf customer service representatives (CSRs) field questions throughout the day regarding the golf club manufacturing process. We decided it would be interesting to take you through the process. We have broken the process into eight steps to describe how we custom build your club, and ship it straight from the factory direct to you.

Step #1: Order Submission

First, the your order is placed via the Pinemeadow website ( or by phone (800-309-6878) with one of our customer service representatives. Once all the pertinent information is verified, your order is released to production.

Step #2: Production

The production team prints out a your pick ticket, which goes through its first quality control check (Q.C.) to verify that all of the items needed to build your clubs are in stock, and that the flex (stiff, regular, ladies etc.) and style are correct. The production team checks to see if anything unusual stands out in the order, and it will go back to a CSR if there are any anomolies. A CSR will contact you to confirm any changes.

Once these steps are completed, the building process begins. The heads and shafts for your order are gathered and placed with the pick ticket. Your order is kept separate from all others throughout the rest of the building process to ensure you receive exactly what you've ordered.

Step #3: Shaft Cutting

The pieces of your order enter the shaft cutting room. In the cutting room, your order is again checked for accuracy. The shaft cutting team makes sure that the correct heads and shafts have been pulled. Once that is confirmed, the shaft cutting team will cut your shafts to the specified length and flex you have requested. This is accomplished by either cutting from the tip or the butt of the raw shaft, depending on your desired flex. The shaft cutting team then prepares the tip of your shaft on a grinding wheel for the epoxy bond that will affix your club heads.

Step #4: Ferrule Installation

After leaving the shaft cutting room, the ferrules are applied. The main purpose of the ferrule is to make sure the shaft is centered in the hosel of the club head. It also adds to the overall aesthetic of the club. The hosel is a socket or the neck of the club head that the shaft tip fits into.

Step #5: Epoxy/Shaft Alignment

Your order then goes to the epoxy stations. We use a two-part epoxy that is combined into a 50/50 mixture. This is done in our specially designed epoxy resin dispenser. The hosel is filled with epoxy mixture and the ferrule and the shaft are spun into hosel to ensure that the shaft is completely covered in epoxy. While the epoxy is still wet, the shaft is aligned. Some orders are "spine aligned". When a shaft is manufactured, there is a seam or "spine" created where the mold is joined. Spine aligning ensures that your swing does not interfere with the natural flex of the shaft. Excess epoxy is removed. Your clubs are placed in a climate controlled area and the epoxy is allowed to cure overnight. After the curing process is completed, the shaft bands that indicate shaft flex are applied.

Step #6: Grip Curing

The cured head and shaft assembly are sent to the gripping stations. The clubs are secured in a two-point clamp, and grip tape is placed on the shaft in strips. A generous amount of our specially formulated, citrus based, non-toxic tape activator is then applied to the tape. When dry, the grip tape bonds the grip to the shaft and keeps the grip from twisting. While the activator is still wet, compressed air and a laser are used to align the grip for a perfect line of sight at address. This process takes place on a state of the art gripping table designed and manufactured by Pinemeadow Golf.

Step#7: Q.C. Check

The last stop before the clubs leave our building is the final quality control station. We check everything against the original pick ticket to make sure it is the correct hand (RH/LH), the correct model (i.e.10.5 degree Doublewall Driver), correct shaft with the correct length and flex, and correct grip. We make sure the ferrule is flush with the hosel, and the grip, silk screen and the spine (if applicable) are all checked for proper alignment. The grips are inspected to make sure there is no space between the end of the shaft and the end of the grip. The clubs are cleaned, the heads of the clubs placed in a bubble wrap bag, and each club is enclosed in a poly bag and sent to the shipping department.

Step #8: Shipping:

The first thing our shipping specialists do is double check the order. This step ensures the clubs to pack correspond with the pick ticket. The shipping agent wraps the order in hefty paper to keep the clubs from moving around in transit. The products are placed in a Pinemeadow branded box, shipping labels are affixed, and your clubs are put on the shipping dock for pickup.

Your clubs arrive at your door usually 7 or business days or less from when your order is placed, even internationally!

That's it. This is a basic, thumbnail sketch from beginning to end of how Pinemeadow Golf manufactures your custom golf club. We love sharing this information with anyone who wants to learn more, so feel free to contact us for any additional information, or if you have any questions regarding the club building process.


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